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Love by ThePoisonedRose Love :iconthepoisonedrose:ThePoisonedRose 1 0
When the Love falls
When the love falls
               it shatters
hits the ground
Like a mirror held
in her bruised hand
when she sees her eyes
When the love falls
               it hurts
like the knees on cold tiles
Like your voice
when you cry out
for the very last time
When the love falls
               it echoes
like a prayer
Like the hoarse whispers
when you give in
to despair inside you
When the love falls
               it cuts
the sharpest of lines
Like the ones on your face
when you finally moved on
to see the light again
:iconthepoisonedrose:ThePoisonedRose 1 0
Through her fires
Her dance tells the emotions of the song
The torn up heart, mended by passion
Every word filled with melancholy
Every note tells of the fire burning in her soul
Every step tells of her trust in his hands
Even if they're on her throat
All those hours she wonders what he's doing
Drowning in the cobalt, melancholy sea
Yet she's never giving up
Straightening her shoulders almost with a snap
Waiting for their passion to flare up
Even though she knows, she will be burned
But she lifts her head
And stalks through the fire
With a snarl thrown to him behind her
Because even if she is burned, she knows she won't die
:iconthepoisonedrose:ThePoisonedRose 2 0
Jade Eyes
Boy with the jade coloured eyes,
I feed my memories of you to the flaming pyre.
Let the flames reach the skies
Hot ashes hit the cold stone beneath
As the sacrificial drink will hit my throat.
Watch the ashes fly away,
Let my feet find my own path again
This is our last farewell.
:iconthepoisonedrose:ThePoisonedRose 1 0
Imbolc 2015 by ThePoisonedRose Imbolc 2015 :iconthepoisonedrose:ThePoisonedRose 2 0 Project: Sandsnake by ThePoisonedRose Project: Sandsnake :iconthepoisonedrose:ThePoisonedRose 0 0 Yule 2014 by ThePoisonedRose Yule 2014 :iconthepoisonedrose:ThePoisonedRose 1 0
Witching Hour
Witching Hour
When moon shines bright
when sun warms my arms
this is when you will find me
standing amid the holy symbols
The wind gently plays with my hair
and water soothes my tired feet
this is when you will find me
cleansing chant will surround me.
When earth feeds and holds,
and fire takes to protect.
This is when you will find me,
in my witching hour...
:iconthepoisonedrose:ThePoisonedRose 0 0
Litha by ThePoisonedRose Litha :iconthepoisonedrose:ThePoisonedRose 1 0
Curses by the thunders
May the lightning of Thor
And the fury of Odin
Be with you wherever you walk.
May Freyr´s death
And Freya´s war
Bring you ill luck at all times.
May the endless sea of Njord
And Skadi´s harm
Be yours as long as you live.
:iconthepoisonedrose:ThePoisonedRose 0 0
My Tango
I danced on the stairs leading to the top
Tango melody playing in my soul and ears
Spun on the edge of the railing
And I kissed the wind...
The first breath
And the last exhale
I looked up
And I closed my eyes firmly
For the last time I felt this pain…
And I drowned out the music with my scream…
Fire danced with me
Heat burned my pain away
Wailing with me
Angry, hurt, devouring
Burst with pieces of gas containers
Moaned to fracture the rocks
Hissed the words unspoken
Bent on destroying everything in our path
And I danced in the flames...
Hit my last stroke of the castanets...
Steel heels hit the floor
Rustling skirt beat out the rhythm
Heart was beating evenly, living again
And the flames...
They are in me.
Icy, not hot
Destructive, not desiring
Mine, never tamed.
Abrazo... hold me...
Dance with me in flames...
Castanets again played
The violin sang
Salida... Let us start dancing...
:iconthepoisonedrose:ThePoisonedRose 1 0
Sign of faith, for never losing it.
Sign of cat, for lost things to be found.
Sign of music, for it is the life.
Sign of fearlessness, grinning skull to mock the world's rules.
Sign of secrets, for I hold their keys.
Sign of simple rose, for all that is dearest and will pass away.
:iconthepoisonedrose:ThePoisonedRose 1 0
Coffee And Chocolate by ThePoisonedRose Coffee And Chocolate :iconthepoisonedrose:ThePoisonedRose 0 2
Fourth Queen
And the Thunder kissed the Earth
Two crows called out to remember and to think...
And a single voice, rises above the feast and fear
To shield and to hide, to keep one's mind clear
The song continues, in blue hues
Covered, never beloved, the bard sings
Even to the moment she will lose her voice
Knowledge came to stand at her side
For the wisdom was already hers
Queen who wore dove gray hue...
:iconthepoisonedrose:ThePoisonedRose 0 0
Forest that hides it's riches
"Amidst the clouds of mist, roiling out from the forest onto the lake, all you can see is a port. Behind the small ramshackle building that is suppose to give shelter from rain and cold, is nothing except a wall of trees. A forest. Judging from the size of some, ancient. Amazing oaks and alders, the silvery birches, beeches, and hornbeam’s. The ground is littered with leaves that crunch under your boots, filling the air with rich scent of fertile earth and memories of past autumn.
But if you are a hawk, you can maybe just notice that the port is possibly the only thing on the ground. There are no roofs. No smoke rises from the forest behind the port. Yet, your gaze is sliding over one of largest settlements of elves in the area. And there is plenty of folk moving on the port. Ah yes, now you see, the two amazing trees, rising on the edges of the river. And the great oaks reached out to each other, entwining their broad branches.
If one would took a closer look at those thick bran
:iconthepoisonedrose:ThePoisonedRose 0 0
The Third Queen
And the clouds hid the Moon...
Wailing of the winds called out on the plains...
The mourning become a feast
A retribution for suffered loss
The voices arise
A child is given sanctuary
Paid for with blood and celestial fury
The Lust saluted
To the Queen who spread the fear
In whose shadow towers will surrender...
:iconthepoisonedrose:ThePoisonedRose 4 0


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I am self taught "artist". I work in retail. I design sometimes. I change to create.
But sometimes a Muse smiles to me and I will abuse the little talent that I have.
My magic? Words and music.


Current Residence: The Netherlands
Favourite genre of music: Rock
  • Listening to: IN THIS MOMENT - Whore
  • Reading: Andrzej Sapkowski - Witcher - Last Wish (Polish)
  • Playing: Dragon Age Inquisition
  • Drinking: COFFEE!
No...! It's a ... SUPER LLAMA! 

*runs around wearing cape and giving llama badges*


Update: 18 April 2015

I am now more active at my new account, by the name of :iconbrandedrose: , Branded Rose. At the same time, I announce I am now actively selling things I created as Branded Rose: pendants and other things, created with the amazing art of pyrography. Curious? 
Here is the facebook page:…
My Etsy:
My Tumblr:
And oh yea, again, my DeviantArt: :iconbrandedrose:


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Mustuko-chan Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch and a favourite. Out of curiosity, how do you know Polish? Are you Polish?
ThePoisonedRose Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep. I followed you here by a link you posted on your Facebook Page. 

A że zainteresowało mnie akurat co czytałam, dodałam na DA ^_^ 
Mustuko-chan Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oho ;o; A jak podoba się opowiadanie ogólnie? (i czy przypadkiem nie kojarzysz Pantsu? Domi? pytam z ciekawości, znowu XD)
ThePoisonedRose Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Owszem kojarze ^_^ to moja kuzynka :) 

Ciekawi mnie, postacie są intrygujące. Łatwo i przyjemnie się je czyta. Sama wole dłuższe fragmenty... ale ja pożeram książki :D 
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bear48 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Professional
Llama jump by Droneguard :llama: :headbang: :squee: :headbang: :llama: Llama jump by Droneguard

Thank you for the Llama :llama:…

Llama jump by Droneguard :squee:  :squee:  Llama jump by Droneguard  :squee:  :squee:  Llama jump by Droneguard
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